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Reactor Room

Reactor Room 60ml

$ 7.00



Choose from:

AKULA:  Orange Boomer

Your favorite Boomer, blended with an amazing orange, gives you the distinct impression that you’re vaping a creamsicle! 

ANTIMATTER:  Tropical Pineapple & Strawberry Cream

Originally code named Tropical Thunder, this is a fresh and bold pineapple and strawberry cream vape that will blow you away! 

ATOMIC:  Atomic Apple

If you love those old fashioned sweet and sour apple candies from when you were a kid, then you’re going to love this incredible recreation of that experience


BOOMER:  Delicious Vanilla Ice Cream & Graham Cracker


BRAVO ZULU:  Peach Iced Tea

We took our amazing sweet tea, poured it into a pitcher full of sliced peaches, let it steep together, and… oh wait, it only TASTES like we did that!  This peach tea vape will make you throw out your bottle of Snap… well… you know.


C.O.B.:  The Classic Arnold Palmer; Iced Tea & Lemonade   LOW STOCK!!!

The Chief of the Boat would love this light but flavorful Arnold Palmer style vape, with the perfect combination of iced tea and lemonade. 


CARBONITE:  A frozen grape menthol that will blast you into the next galaxy!                 

CHARM QUARK:  An atomic blast of freezing cold peppermint with a hint of wintergreen provide a great way to cool off in the summer sun. You demanded and we responded, but fair warning, this vape may freeze you solid!


CINNABOOM:  Cinnamon Boomer

We took our Boomer, we added some cinnamon, and the freakishly delicious creation that resulted will instantly transport you to that favorite cinnamon bun store at the mall! 


CRAZY IVAN:   Key Lime Pie… but unlike most of the others out there, this one is great! It says 'key lime pie' and that's exactly what it tastes like!  ‘Nuff said.


DARK MATTER:  Lemon Poundcake

Oh man do I ever love lemon poundcake… so much so that I had to find a way to vape it! 


DELTA II:  Dragonfruit Boomer

We took the Boomer base and mixed in some dragon fruit… and created a great new store favorite!


E.L.T.:  Raspberry Sweet Tea

Ask any nuke in the Navy and they’ll tell you that the very best nukes are E.L.T.’s!  (Just kidding guys!)  Seriously though, you won’t be disappointed with this incredible raspberry iced tea.


FUSION:  Fig Newton

They said it couldn’t be done, that it was impossible to achieve, but here it is, a fig newton vape!


HEAVY WATER:  Not too sweet, not too tart, fresh blueberries and whipped cream create the perfect vape.   LOW STOCK!!!


IRIDIUM:  A sweet and tart cheesecake filling covered in raspberry glaze make this a real crowd pleaser. Popular as a dessert flavor and also as a fruity sweet change-up from your regular fare… Try it once and you’ll be convinced.   LOW STOCK!!!


NEUTRON:  Smooth Tobacco.

This is a rich, sweet, full bodied tobacco flavor that is sure to satisfy all of your cigarette cravings.


NOBELIUM:  Raspberry Lemonade

There’s only one way to truly elevate lemonade, raising it to the noble stature of a drink fit for royalty… and that’s by adding raspberry!  


NUKE-Q:  Nuclear Cola    LOW STOCK!!!

If you’re gearing up for an all night gaming marathon, then you need to be prepared!  Stock up on the great cola taste of Nuke-Q!


OHIO:  Lemon Boomer

Try this once and you’ll be hooked… Think lemon angelfood cake and you’ll be on the money!


P.F.M.:  Pure F-ing Magic Sweet Tea   LOW STOCK!!!

If you’ve been disappointed with iced tea vapes in the past, then you’ll agree that this old fashioned sweet tea vape is Pure F*ing Magic!


PLUTONIUM-238:  Chilled Watermelon   LOW STOCK!!!

A cool and refreshing blast of summer, you can enjoy a slice of watermelon anytime with this delicious flavor. Touched with a hint of menthol to cool things down, you’ll be enjoying this sweet treat during any season.


POLONIUM:  Watermelon Ice Lemonade!  If you're a fan of our Plutonium-238, you GOTTA try this one!


PROMETHEUM:  Strawberry Banana Smoothie   LOW STOCK!!!

No flowery description needed for our newest addition to the Reactor Room line of e-juices.  It’s a strawberry banana smoothie, so if you’ve ever had one of those and liked it, then you’re gonna love this! 



Peach Chai is what is promised, and peach chai is what is delivered!  This flavorful and spicy chai tea and peach blend is not for the faint of heart! 


SEAWOLF:  Strawberry Boomer

If you love the vanilla ice cream and graham crackers taste of Boomer, then just imagine slicing some fresh sweet strawberries onto the top.


T-MESON:  Teaberry

Ok, so this one is a little different, but I love it! It’s a crisp and flavorful teaberry vape!  (You know those pink candies your aunt had in her sitting room? Tastes like iced cream made from those!)


THE BOMB:  Chocolate Cream Pie

A delicious light a fluffy chocolate cream filling resting in a graham cracker crust make this vape a deliciously sweet treat any time of day!


THORIUM:  Old Fashioned Lemonade

Whether you’re cooling off on a hot summer day, or just in the mood to sit back and relax, this smooth and delicious lemonade vape will put you in exactly the right mood.


Yellow Cake:  Creamy Banana Cake   LOW STOCK!!!

Smooth banana and cream with a layer of wafers sitting on top. One of our most popular dessert flavors, although it is definitely enjoyed throughout the day. No banana lover should pass this up!


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