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Happy Veterans Day! (And thank you to all those still serving!)

honoring veterans

Hi everyone, this is Matt, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of those active duty, reservists and veterans who continue to sacrifice so much to keep us free and ensure that we live in the best country on earth!  

I know this day is about savings for most retailers but I want to remind all of those who serve, have served, or are emergency services folks that we ALWAYS provide our military and veteran discount (15%) 365 days a year at It's our way of showing our gratitude and one of the ways that I can show you all that as a veteran, I will always stand with you.

Beyond that though, let us not forget all of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our continued freedom.  To those who have fallen, I salute you, and I will never forget.

Thank you all, and please know that I am honored to stand among you. (Now I'm off to the VFW!)

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